Perfect for the “Knapsack,” DXpedition,” “Kite/Weather Balloon,” and “Field Day” Antennas even radials.

Think about it for stringing up a Quad or Hex beam!

Use it as a conductive rope, tying it in a knot using a thimble for protection, with a breaking strength of at least 475 pounds!

Use it by opening the tinned copper braid a few inches from the end, and bringing rope out of the hole. Anchor the rope to pole, tree,or tower and solder the braid to wire for an end feed long wire with the OD of 5 AWG wire!

Use it as a dipole and carefully cut the braid at the center insulator without cutting the rope and comb out enough braid to solder or wire nut to ladder line from the shack, giving  you a tin plated copper dipole with legs the size of 5 AWG wire – about 3 times the radiating surface of a 14 AWG copper or CCS wire!

Dream up your own “HOT ROPE ” scheme and as always have fun!