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Open Wire Arrestors

For transmitting or receiving applications using open-wire fed systems in single wire or parallel balanced lines, these arrestors use our patented technology in larger housings with insulated terminals. Low power units are constructed in metallic aluminum chassis cases while high power arrestors are in PVC Weatherproof NEMA-style cases manufactured by CarlonCo. (Shielding of open wire arrestors is not necessary.)

ModeIs 308 and 308H are designed for use with open single wire systems such as tuned longwire antennas and random wires added with antenna tuners. Both are compatible up to their design power ratings with a wide variety of input impedances / reactances ranging from about 300 ohms to 600 ohms Like all arrestor protection units these circuits are designed to be ground-mounted and should be installed close to earth entry point connections for best results.

Models 309 and 309H are configured for open wire balanced feed systems in the same impedance range as mentioned above. Compatible with both split capacitor type antenna tuner and balun output stages common in modern antenna tuning products.

All units use toroidal inductors and present near dead DC short on antenna side of arrestor, constantly draining feedline wires of static and any developed voltage potential feedthrough breakdown voltage from input ports to output ports 4,000 to 6,000 volts. Arrestor units may be placed anywhere in the feedline at ground level without serious change in tuning, but small change may be detectable due "to small" increase in total feedline length caused by size of arrestor case & circuit.

Models 308 and 309 series all rated for frequency range 1-30 MHz, non-DC continuous through ports, polarized. Low power units 308/309 constructed in aluminum cases measuring (HWD) 11/2" X 2" X 3", high power units 308H / 309H offered in NEMA PVC cases measuring 4" square, 2" 'high, brass connection hardware. All units packed with 4-page owner's manual.

Model Type Price
308 Single wire, 500W CCS, 1KWPEP $52.00
308H Single wire, 4KW CCS, 8KWPEP -
309 Two wire feeders, 500 W CCS, 1KWPEP $59.80
309H Two wire feeders, 4 KW CCS, 8KWPEP -

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