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p/n 177 Dual Coax - A great way to use balanced feed line without RFI.
Product News Copper Foil

Remember the great power supply project by W1RB* some years ago?
Here’s the copper foil that made it possible.
It’s also great for shielding or blocking RF in home brew or faulty commercial equipment.
1” x 54 feet adhesive backed copper foil, 4 mil
Limited supply - $74.95 per roll
*ARRL Handbook 2001

CQ 8O4





                      FOLDED DIPOLE INSULATOR KIT                    

Also included:

5 Nylon thumb screws and nuts for “anchor” points

5 inches of ¼ inch adhesive-lined shrink tube for sealing soldered splices (cut 5 - 1 inch pieces).

5 feet of 1/8 inch support rope

We recommend the 18 AWG stranded conductor “window” type ladderline (p/n 553) as first choice, using the greatest random length your QTH can handle, fed by whatever necessary length of the same ladderline to a stand-alone balanced line capable tuner with wide tuning range and no amplifier (unless you are an avid contester!). Heavier ladderline is available but not necessary for most all of us!

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CQ 512 & 512A

“HOT ROPE” Antenna Wire

Perfect for “Knapsack,” “DXpedition,” “Kite / Weather Balloon,” and

 “Field Day” Antennas

Think about it for stringing up a quad or hex beam!

Use it as a conductive rope, tying it in a knot using a thimble for protection, with a breaking strength of at least 475 pounds!

Use it by opening the tinned copper braid a few inches from the end, and bringing rope out of the hole. Anchor the rope to pole, tree or tower and solder the braid to wire for an end fed long wire with the OD of a 5 AWG wire!

Use it as a dipole and carefully cut the braid at the center insulator without cutting the rope and comb out enough braid to solder or wire nut to ladderline(or coax, balun, etc) from the shack, giving you a tin plated copper dipole with legs the size of a 5 AWG wire – about 3 times the radiating surface of a 14 AWG copper or CCS wire!

 Dream up your own “Hot Rope” scheme!


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WIREBOOK 5 NEWS! IT'S HERE! HOT OFF THE PRESS! Thanks to all for your orders! 




Model as shown
$3.85 ea

The right way to install ladder feed line down from the antenna safely away from the tower leg of any size or shape.

Easy to lock in place on the leg with UV resistant high strength cable tie (2-8" included*) . Place  the 300 - 450 ohm "window" ladderline onto the end of the 6+ inch standoff and lock in with small cable tie (2 included).

Spacing depends on wind conditions at your QTH and overall tension applied the to the vertical run. With a twist as shown every 2-4 feet, wind whipping is minimized, and any interference by the metal tower leg is not significant.

The tough but light and simple 811A Standoff is handcrafted with non-conductive, UV and all weather resistant materials, and is re-usable* for change-of-mind situations. Comes with an extra tie.

Custom models are available for similar runs on walls, posts of any size, masts, even metal or fiberglass telescoping poles for field day, etc.

*UV resistant black, 120 pound ties are available in singles or bulk in 8, 14, & 18  inch lengths.



Looking for something other than a G5RV
for HF and 6 meters?

Check out the W5GI* – you’ll be surprised and delighted!

*(from CQ, Amateur Radio, July 2003)



The now famous "Mystery" antenna  going great guns in the exclusive kit, authorized by W5GI and offered only by The Wireman.  





Having trouble installing PL259’s and “EZ” ‘N’s”
on low loss RG8 types?

Meet the “SHURFIT 108” – a precision tool designed,
developed, and now offered to all by The Wireman

There are many ways to prepare the 19 and 7 strand center conductors for the connectors designed to accept the 0.108 inch conductor, Unfortunately, some of the ways include whittling away at solder and copper with knives, files, emery boards and the like; removing one or more strands; reaming out the pin; and so on, all of which will compromise the efficiency of the finished job.

The “SHURFIT 108 has been used for nearly five years in The Wireman shop with complete success – it is easier to spin it on a conductor than it is to try the connector to verify the fit. Countless hours have been saved since first use, enabling us to have some of the lowest installation costs in the industry.

Try it – you’ll love it!


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