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Fax Machine Phone Line Protector

Facsimile (FAX) machines and Internet Computers / Modems have become a valued resource for business and personal communication needs worldwide, and the machines are more complex, expensive and delicate than ever. The machines and the transmissions they produce are subject to noise interference, static, lightning-produced voltage surges and even power line transients.

Specially designed for fax machines and computer modem use, Models 343 and 345 are combination packages featuring overvoltage control, both common and differential mode interference rejection and even spectrum filtering to improve audio response and data transfer clarity.

These multi-stage units are constructed in a fully-shielded heavy chassis and may be placed in fixed position or left on the floor behind operating table or fax machine. Telephone circuit protection and filtering are done on one side of the chassis with all modular connections. Just plug it in and you're all set. Overvoltage control uses metal-oxide varistors in balanced circuit with discrete component filtering. Noise rejection exceeds 30db. Special filtering uses low pass design with audio pass band cutoff.

AC section of unit offers 30db line isolation, overvoltage control, and even three outputs, externally mounted. Plug in up to three AC-operated items such as fax machine, computer, typewriter, etc. and spread protective functions around the office. Unit is fuse protected at 30 amps, easily field serviceable. Extra 30AGC fuse included.

Model 343 and 345 measure (HWD) 21/2" X 4" X 4", weight 2 pounds, and come with permanently attached 6-foot 3 wire AC line cord, 4 page owner's manual.

Model Type Price
343 Computer/Modem Filter/Protector  
345 Fax Machine Filter/Protector  

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