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Welcome to the Wire Line - a special section devoted to close-outs, tips, tricks, new projects - check here often for gret deals!

The WIREMAN exhibits at dozens of Amateur Radio Hamfests across the country each year. Check our Hamfest Calendar for upcoming shows!

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Grounding Specials!
Super heavy 3 inch tinned copper braid. Ampacity over 400 Limited quantity - $2.00 per foot
2 AWG MTW or THHN stranded bare copper, shiny black, gas & oil resistant jacket Limited quantity - $.50 per foot
1/0 AWG type XHHW, VW-1XL, 600v, 19 strand BC, black jacket, probably TPR Limited quantity - $1.00 per foot
3/4 inch hot-dipped galvanized 8 foot ground rods Limited quantity - $10.00 per foot
4/0 multi-strand 7.5KV welder's type cable, Belden. One only, 500' roll $500 plus shipping.
[Will cut lengths at $1.50 per foot if the full roll doesn't sell right away.]
Other Odds and Ends!
Porcelain Standoff insulators $1.50 each
3 pr, 24 AWG, white jacket Limited quantity
$40 per 1000 feet
RG-213 special.
Mil spec core with special jacket, same or better UV resistance, temp range and lifetime than the official mil spec material.
500 footers for only $150
75 Ft new Andrews LDF4-50A hardline plus
1 male, 1 female N - both used
All for $75 SOLD
3-4000 ft of Belden 8627 control cable, 4-14 $.25 per foot
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