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Coaxial Cable

The WIREMAN offers virtually all varieties of transmission line available on the market today. We're particularly proud of our Certified Quality original designs, specifically for amateur and commercial radio use.

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Complete Coaxial Product Line
Certified Quality Originals
CQ 4XL Introduced shortly after Belden's 9913, this was the first of the famous 'Poor Man's Hardline' series. Similar to Belden 9913 but improved with 95% braid shield and NCV jacketing (IIA). Now retired in favor of CQ1000, but a commercial version is still available - ask for 101A # 101 Info
CQ FLEXI-4XL Introduced in 1988, the first flexible, rotor-safe, NCV jacket version of the air-dielectric type low-loss coax. A true superstar and still the workhorse of the flexible low-loss RG8-type on the market. Nothing else is comparable to this "original." # 102 Info
CQ1000 Remember when CQ1000 and LMR4001 came into the market some years ago and CQ1000 was our lower priced equivalent? Well, CQ1000 is back on its own, and stands alone as your best choice at the best price for this super lo-loss, long-lived type of coax!
(1) Times Microwave trademark
# 1000 Info
CQ "SUPER 8" Born in 1991 as an experimental coax, similar to Flexi-4XL, but with a foam dielectric instead of the air, or semi-solid polyethylene, dielectric. Very similar to the recent Belden 9913F7 and Times LMR 400UF, but now with a great new, tougher, higher temperature, UV resistant jacket and greater flexibility. With its longer track record, and lower price, "Super 8" continues to improve as the technology is perfected, and indeed, the current production has almost the same loss characteristics as the expensive items. Look for its "kissin' cousin", Bury-Flex, by Davis RF, with a tough polyethylene jacket. (Wireman P/N 103A) # 106 Info
CQ MINI 8 The first 8X or Mini-8 with NCV jacketing, introduced in 1989. # 116 Info
First with a tough 'walk-on' polypropylene dielectric and tinned copper shield and tinned stranded center conductor, and now with a tough, long lived, scuff resistant, jacket. # 117 Info
The first truly low loss 8X-type coax, with foil plus tinned copper shield, micro-cell foam dielectric, and now with a great new, tougher, higher temperature, UV resistant jacket. Originally introduced in 1990, there is still nothing better in its class. Now merged with our #118FF with a lower price due to the tremendous volume of this "winner" and its earlier sister product. # 118 Info
Lo-loss EXTRA FLEX 58
Ideal for mobile and portable HF thru UHF. 100% shielded, low profile, and now with the great new, tougher, higher temperature, UV resistant jacket. # 129ff Info
CQ "Bazooka" 58 A special high-strength and long life RG58 type for the popular "Bazooka" antenna. # 124 Info
CQ RG213/U
Truly Buriable
Truly Direct Bury RG213 type coax, with water block and 20 year, impermeable, UV resistant, tough, scuff-proof jacket # 113pe Info
CQ RG213/U
'The Amateur's 213', better than MIL-SPEC, with finer, denser, lower-angle braid, greater flexibility and true NCV jacketing. # 110 Info
CQ Flexi 217 A stranded conductor RG217/U type. High power, low loss, and 20 year, impermeable, UV resistant, tough, scuff-proof jacket. No need for a separate jumper around a rotor at a high power station. #142A

Look for more CQ Originals in Ladderline, Antenna wire, Antenna accessories, Baluns, Rotor Cables, Grounding, Lightning protection, miscellaneous handy gimmicks, and The WIRE LINE.

In addition to conventional coaxial cable types and the special products above, The WIREMAN supplies a full selection of hardline, selected special items from other sources, and all the required accessories. Email us for details, pricing, alternatives and custom products.

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